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Age Play

Big Bottles

We have been producing Adult Baby Bottles since 2014. We were the first manufacturer in Europe.
Since starting we have a good knowledge of producing Big Bottles and have a worldwide customer base.

We have a wide selection of Big Bottles in stock on Etsy:

A smaller selection of bottles is also on show on our main LAM stall.

Big Wheel Trike

The Big Wheel Trike is the ultimate in transport for all adult babies. 
Custom made to suit each customer, with additional choices for paint colour, wheel size, wheel colours and style.

High Chairs

We have made range of different styles from traditional wooden to modern mono-pod styles.
High Chairs start at £320 with options for painted, stained, and exotic woods. 

Nappy/Diaper Stickers

Designed by a very popular Littles artist, these vinyl stickers make a plain nappy look more babyish without having to buy packs of printed nappies.

Nappy stickers are available on our LAM  stall, or online from our Big Bottles store:

Adult Baby Gym

The Adult Baby Gym was a custom commission scaled up to suit the customer.
Constructed of a steel frame inner encased with cute nursery fabric, the gym is capable of supporting 50 kg, able to take a good tug on any of the hanging toys. The mat included hidden patches with surprise noises!

Examples of Age Play Toys

Enquire for Custom Build

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