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Examples of Furniture made for both Private Customers and BDSM Dungeons.
If you have an idea that is not listed below, please contact us.

Spanking Bench

After extensive testing we have designed a standard Spanking Bench to ideally suit our range of clients. Spanking Benches are flat pack-able for ease of storage when not in use.

Spanking Benches start at £250 for a lacquered mild steel build, finished with luxury cushions made of high density foam covered in faux leather.

Extra details include painted steel, extended width, extended height, and personalised infilled sides. We are even able to produce a full stainless steel build, polished to a high sheen.  


Our thrones are unique builds, built to suit the client. The thrones are a statement piece designed to impress.

Thrones start at £390 for a simple build in lacquered mild steel.


Extras can include a steel woven seat, custom infill backs and different finishes.



Our cages are bespoke, built to a range of budgets and sizes. We have built tall cages, gibbet cages, and even pet cages. 

Cages can be built solid or flat pack-able.

Cages start at £480 for raw lacquered tall cage or pet cage. Extra details include patterned bars, custom sides, and flat packs.

Examples of Furniture

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