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Please find a few examples of the Bags we have been making.

If there is anything you see you like or would like to commission a bag or accessory, please use the message us link at the bottom of the page or email and we will get back to you. 

Cylinder Bags

These are a nice cylinder shape with formed leather ends and a large opening. 
These are made from 2.5-2.8mm thick leather and are a nice sturdy bag. 


Business card holders

These card holders are made form 2-2.8mm thick leather and hold about 20-30 cards each. 


Satchel Style Bags

These are the bags we started with making and this are a nice size and good for holding all sorts of items.
These can be made a range of sizes and normally are made from 1.2-2.8mm thick leather. 


Leather Belts

We also make and stock a range of leather belts, this are normally 2-4mm thick leather and around the 40mm wide.
special sizes can be made if required. 

Leather Belts

Get in Touch

Please get in contact if you see anything you like or would like to commission us to make you something special.

Thanks for submitting!

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