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Leather Craftsman

Leather Work

We at FudgeBuilds have been very busy in the first half of 2023 to bring you a complete new range of leather items.

Ranging from collars, clothing, to harnesses and all sorts of other items.

If there is any leather items you would like and it is not in the shop or listed, please message us.


Strap-on harnesses 

This is an example of the strap-on harnesses we have been making. 
These can be made in nearly any colour and fit a very big range of sizes. 

Padded Cuffs and Collars

We have been making padded collars and cuffs, these all as standard have a neoprene foam padding that has a lined leather wrapping it. 

These can be made in a range of colours to suit your requirements. 

Other extras can include eyelets and spikes. These 



We decided to make some very smart handbags.
These are normally custom made, and can be made to any size and in a large range of materials.
we can also make a matching set of cuffs and collars if required. 

Other Items

We also make a large range of other items. 
Please email us if you have anything you would like us to make for yourself.

Leather Workshop
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