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FudgeBuilds Sustainability Commitment

FudgeBuilds is committed to producing items in the most sustainable way possible.

To aid this we purchase our energy from suppliers that use renewable energy sources. 

Our office and workshops are well-insulated to reduce heat loss and reduce noise pollution. 

We recently upgraded the leather workshop and office to be powered from an off grid solar system; this system has a total storage capacity of 20KWh.


To minimise our consumption from the main grid, we have an on-grid  solar system on top of our machine workshop, this setup has 6.4KW of solar panels with a 12KWh battery.

We have an electric vehicle that we use to attend markets, and to deliver large items (where able).

Our wooden items are made from traditional and exotic woods that are all from FSC certified suppliers.

Our leathers are almost always from UK suppliers; we only import when a material is unique. Offcuts are reclaimed to make new products where possible.

Our metal items comes from a local metal supplier.

FudgeBuilds will continue to improve on their commitment to sustainability, to reduce waste and maximise efficiency across the production process, to ensure we deliver a cost-effective product to you.

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