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Impact Toys

We make a wide range of toys for impact play such as paddles, flails, rackets, floggers, and even impressive medieval styles such as maces, swords, war-hammers, and the Staff of Doom! Fabricated out of a range of materials from lacquered mild steel, polished stainless steel, exotic wood, and rubber.


Restraints include cuffs, collars, spreader bars, and even head-balls and hand-balls for more immersive restriction. Restraints are made from a wide range of and mixture of materials such as mild or stainless steel, leather, and wood.
Some restraints can be engraved for a more personal touch. 


We have a selection of solid aluminium insertables ready to purchase, Custom designs in aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel can be produced. One customer was able to silver-plate their custom aluminium insertable for a dramatic effect.

Suspension Equipment

We supply marine-grade stainless steel small and medium suspension rings and fixtures. Larger rings are fabricated from stainless steel. Custom suspension frames can be commissioned upon request.

Edge Play

Edge Play toys include wooden knives and dulled Stanley blade axes for wax-removal, and bespoke knives for edge play.

Selection of Toys

Enquire for Custom Orders

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