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Custom made Leather Collar

Custom made Leather Collar

This is a custom made collar.
With a choice of top leather and choice of lining leather for the padded back.

The padded lining is 40mm wide with a leather top that is 30mm wide.
Standard size of 400mm to 550mm (15.7 - 21.6")

The padding is made of 6mm thickneoprene foam lined with a leather of your choice from:

  • baby blue nappa leather
  • mint suede
  • red suede 
  • blue suede 
  • wine suede
  • metallic purple
  • metallic black
  • metallic blue
  • metallic red
  • metallic copper


This lining is stitched onto a leather top of your choice

  • black
  • white
  • baby pink
  • purple
  • red
  • orange

Finished with black stitching, a metallic grey roller buckle, with brass eyelet holes. The attachment loop will be a basic stainless steel wire eye.

If you would like to change the finish (stitching, buckles or eyelets) please email us at before ordering.

    collar of top leather
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